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Jesse Firebrand

An Intimate & Interactive Concert for the Soul

Image by Peter Yost

Chakra Medicine Drums

Hello from Jesse Firebrand,

A Firebrand is one who incites revolution, in this case, the spiritual revolution we
must face as individuals, in order to overcome global issues. A Firebrand walks this path of spiritual revolution and encourages others to do the same, in hopes this change may spread like a fire and illuminate the globe with balance, love, and reverence for life.  Jesse utilises his lifelong passion for music as a tool to facilitate growth, through performances and workshops that aim to awaken our primal nature, via intuitive, yet intentional movement (dance) and vocalising (song), in order to restore natural harmony within ourselves and as a society. 
Buy healing ourselves we encourage others to do the same, there by positively
affecting the world around us, and so too, collectively healing the earth as a whole.

The Drums

These Neo-Shamanic Drums have been custom-built with the intention of emanating healing vibrations for the seven chakras of the human form. Each drum is tuned to the corresponding note and is accompanied by the Vedic symbol representing the centre.

These drums can be played over the appropriate centre for direct vibratory
alignment, helping to dissolve blockages in energetic pathways and resort balance to this subtle system. Additionally, the drum may be held in a conventional manner and played with the intention of aligning with the attributes represented by the corresponding chakra. This may further be accompanied by Mantras or any form of vocalization that feels appropriate for the practitioner.

Info and Sound Demo Video




Chakra Keys & Attributes

Each drum is tuned to the pitch associated with the Chakra, and painted the corresponding colour

Root = C (red)

Sacral = D (orange)

Naval = E (yellow)

Heart = F (green)

Throat = G (blue)

3rd Eye = A (purple)

Crown = B (white)

Drum Tuning
Tuning Chakra Drums (just like tuning your chakras) will be required on occasion; it may take some practice, but is a positive and rewarding process.
Using a piano or, piano app, play the note of the drum key (ie. C2), then tap
the drum near one of the metal tuning lugs with the wood end of the stick.
Use the key to turn the lug, no more than 1/8th of a turn, aiming to get the
note similar to that of the piano.

**Do not turn the key more than 1/8th, even if the lug is still out of tune,
rather, follow the diagram below until eventually repeating the loop. This is
because tuning other lugs will also affect this one, so it is better to use small
increments and repeat the process until all lugs sound the same. Then strike
the middle of the drum with the beater end of the stick and compare the
overall pitch with that of the piano note.

Lastly, Thank you for your purchase and support, I hope you enjoy your drums and would love to hear any feedback. Please check out the rest of this website and YouTube for Yoga, Ecstatic Dance, Sound Healing, music and more.

With certificates in Yoga, Reiki, Hypnosis, Contemporary Music, and Audio
Production.  I aim to blend these skills to create cohesive journeys of the Body, Mind, and Soul.

Jesse Firebrand – ‘Be the Revolution’

Short /Silly Video

Longer/Less Silly Video

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