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Firebrand online  Subscription  beta   launch!!!


Welcome, this site is undergoing huge and exciting,  changes. Updates will be  happening regularly, and any oddities on the site will soon be corrected. Join now and lets grow together.

Limited time beta special:
Lifetime membership for $10 per month

Ecstatic Dance
Sound Healing
Guided Meditations


Image by Caroline Veronez

A Firebrand is one with a burning desire for change; It's time for a spiritual revolution. 

Be The Revolution!

Dance is a symbol of liberation, set your mind and by free though the journey of Dance Yoga. 

Jesse Firebrand
Yoga Teacher
Meditation Guide 
Vocal Artist
Music Producer


Dynamic yoga offers free-form movements in the postures,working all muscle groups evenly, and liberating the mind
Jesse Firebrand
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