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"A Firebrand is one who incites revolution.  I believe in spiritual revolution through body and voice. Let's align with the cosmos on the dance floor through Breath-Work, Movement, Visualisation, and Vocalisation."

"I believe that an intention can be communicated in many different ways, and a big part of my existence is about embodying new ways of expressing my unique and ever-changing Self, to share my light with the world."

Ecstatic Dance


ArunDitha and Jesse Firebrand will guide you through the evening via Silent Disco Headphones.  With intuitive singing, rapping, and poetry from the soul. While the music is a mix of electronic and live traditional instruments; blending the past and the future together into the present. 


Dancing and singing are the most ancient forms of self-expression and healing.  Re-learning to love and nurture our body through movement and mind through singing, liberates us as individuals and as a culture. Come celebrate life and help co-create a world with a bright future.

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