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Jesse Brand

Content Distribution Coordinator


+64 27 468 1122


Date of Birth:

September 9th, 1985

Social Media:


  • TikTok
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
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Cover Leter

Sea Shepherd Australia,


The Fresh Prince was right when he said, “life got flip turned upside down”.  We live in a world where what matters most, is valued least, and what matters least is overvalued and emphasised.  My teenage years were spent philosophising with friends about where this world was/is going, and what could be done.  As a musician from a young age and student of eastern philosophy, I took to writing songs that may awaken others to the value of our mother earth. Performing around Canada, Australia, and finally to New Zealand, where I decided to put words to action and dove into pursuing a self-sustainable and low-impact lifestyle.  While most in their twenties were living large; I was gardening, chopping wood, building shelters, milking goats, making cheese and bread, as well as delving into my inner world through deep yogic study.  


By my thirties, I was now a yoga teacher and a man of experience, as much as philosophy. I left the forest for the cities, with new skills and songs to share with the world, no longer focused on self-sustainability, but global-sustainability.  Subsequently, I began running workshops that combine music and yoga in a fun, light-hearted way, ultimately aimed towards encouraging individuals to take ownership and responsibility of their life and of the world we all share. Meanwhile, I obtained two bachelor’s degrees, in Audio Engineering and in Contemporary Music.  Finally graduating with the prestigious award of winning 2-Minute Theses, across all faculties. This was for my research project focused on online engagement via VR music events. 


Despite a lifetime of keeping environmental issues as my focus and running meaningful developmental workshops and online content. I feel all this is not enough. I long to be part of a larger movement, taking direct environmental action supporting the earth’s oceans.  One of the great assets of being a self-employed musician and workshop facilitator is the constant multimedia required. I have spent extensive time creating promotional material for events, videos, and social media content; exclusively using Adobe Suite to hone my skills within the industry standard software. 


Now is the time to put my skills to use in a new way! By working as a member of the Sea Shepherd team, I believe I can help increase support through volunteers, financial contributions, and most importantly, continue to develop a culture that aims to flip the world the right way up again!  







P.S. I am a New Zealand citizen and willing to work from here remotely or happily move to Australia for this position, as shifting to Australia is in my plans either way.


Social Media Posts


This Shark promo graphic is inspired by a need for Australian people to work together to sway the government into a new course of action.  Demonstrating both the power of numbers and stressing that sharks and humanity are on the same side. Using a 9:11 ratio, this is the longest uncroped image size for a Facebook feed and build curiosity as the viewer scrolls down the image. 


The graphic itself has been constructed using over 10 separate high quality, public domain images, including the swapping out of an irrelevant protest image to suit the needs of this campaign.  Although a simple photo is often best, this image may capture an audience, as well as highlight my competency in Adobe Photoshop, and creative and innovative mindset.


With enthusiasm for both this job opportunity, and for helping to spread the work of Sea Shepherd; I have also created a mock social media video. Developed with Adobe Premiere, using a number of segments of video and audio from Sea Shepherd’s YouTube account; and produced the music specifically for this video (saving on royalty fees or violations).  My intention was to make a one-minute video as a ‘Call-to-Action’, targeting a younger demographic of 20-35 year olds, who often have more disposable time and energy than income.  Formatted into two key ratios, 1:1 - best suited for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds. And a 9:16 - best for Instagram Reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts. (This video has NOT been posted on any social media).

        Sea Shepherd Australia

Sea Shepherd takes direct action against poachers at sea, yet in Australian Waters the Government are lawless. They actively cull sharks with outdated nets and baited drum lines, whilst deterring opposition through extortionate fines for approaching their operations. Leaving Sea Shepherd to fight this battle largely on land.  


Collectively, we must pressure our government, to turn the tides and cull this outdated practice to protect our coral reefs, oceanic ecosystem, and our future.


Support Sea Shepherd’s shark defence program, Operation Apex Harmony, today by resending our email to the Queensland Fisheries Minister at:

Sea Shepherd Shark Post 2.6 SHAPE CHANGE.png

         Sea Shephered Australia

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, RECOVER


When all else fails, we recover our losses. Join Sea Shepherd in undoing the damage. By coming together as individuals, we can gain a better understand of the plastic pollution's impact first hand; and help to raise awareness in our communities. Together we make the difference. 


Find out more about the Marine Debris Campaign at:


#Sea-Shephered #Australia #Plastic #Pollution #Sea-Life #SSMDCaus


To the Point

Yoga Instructor

Performing Musician (Activist)

Content Creator

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Bachelors of Audio Engineering

Documentary Maker

Adobe Suite Proficient

Workshop Facilitator

Bachelors of contemporary Music

jesse sit.jpeg


  • 35-year-old Canadian born, New Zealand citizen,

  • Social Media – edit graphics and videos for content/promotion on all major platforms

  • Performing Musician Activist: singer songwriter, poet, rap artist, and producer

  • Yoga instructor with strong philosophical interest

  • Workshop Facilitator at Festivals: yoga, music, ecstatic dance, and singing; to empower individuals to make a positive impact in the world

  • Variety of work experience and tertiary education

Me Transparent.png

dire straits

I believe the dire environmental conditions leave me with no choice but to make conservation my sole aim in all elements of my life.

Therefore, working as part of the Sea Shepard Team

would offer me the opportunity to utilise my many skills developed as an independent artist, to take direct action through extensive exposure and promotion of campaigns undertaken by Sea Shepard Australia.

Graphic Designs

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Bondi Junction - Soul Flow-01.png

Social Skills

Empathetic: able to understand others point of view, either to work together as a team, or to forge an understanding of how to best connect with an audience.

Confident: Willing to stand up, speak out, and engage an audience; yet constantly conscious of remaining humble and relatable. 

Self-Motivated: very passionate individual who works highly effectively unsupervised or as a team. 

Creative: Able to come up with unique, simple, and effective techniques to express an idea or solve a problem. 

As an outgoing and personable individual, I am confident in working with the press, I have engaged in numerous newspapers, radio, and TV interviews.  I feel confident in the avenues required to make and maintain these connections, speak out publicly, or support others in this process from behind the scenes.  


Media Skills

Social Media: Developed and maintain my own website, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, etc. accounts with a decent niche following. 

Video Editing (Premiere/Final Cut): Shot and edited my own documentary series of a “Traveling Musician”. Plus, many other videos. 

Business: Completed tertiary courses in both Marketing and Accounting; and operase my own small Music/Yoga business 'Firebrand'.

Graphic Design (Photoshop/Illustrator):

such as event posters, stickers, flyers, and digital promotional material

Audio: I hold a Bachelors of Audio Engineering, able to record and work confidently in any DAW and produce high end results for, music, film andsocial media. 

into the Deep

With an active interest in current affairs, I am able to extensively research a topic and prepare high quality academic writing and referencing; as demonstrated through two bachelor’s degrees. Contrarily, also able to present these finding to a lay audience, as demonstrated via receiving the top award for my graduating years Major Research Project, by winning the finals in the ‘Two Minute Thesis’ presentation, competing against the top student of all departments of our institution.  I understand the importance of using language and ideas that will resonate with target audiences, thereby enabling a broader reach and understanding.  which is critical, Paul Watson points out, humans are all but passengers on this earth, we must protect the diverse species, who are the crew.  

I have thoroughly explored and love the Sea Shepard Australia website. I am confident in my ability to contribute to its maintenance, development, and updates; in ways that may support and encourage regular traffic. Meanwhile, spawning open dialogue among viewers, both online and in everyday situations.  Additionally, I have experience with email campaigns using apps such as Mailchimp, to update individuals on current events, encourage social media engagement, as well as initiate calls to action. The days of traditional media are over, and people are looking for more accurate depictions of the world. Sea Shepherd are a leading example of the power of the camera, and I hope to help this movement be seen and heard.

My skill set is particularly suited to this role as I am always willing and able to work independently, coordinate within a team, or under specific instructions. This may be to develop and actualise innovative strategies to build audience engagement, pitch new ideas/campaigns, maintain compelling content, maximise organic reach, strategically implement paid reach, set goals, utilise google analytics and SEO, Facebook insights, adhere to a calendar, target key market audiences, as well as ultimately inspire and empower individuals to stand up for our oceans.  

Video Editing



1.    Strong knowledge of communication strategies across social media and web:
I have been utilising the internet for social media presence and campaigns since the late 90s on Myspace and MSN Messenger.  I have grown with the industry and various platforms/trends and understand the workings of all the major current platforms and website design. 

2.    Expertise in the latest online engagement techniques and other rapidly developing media:
I frequently research tools and developing trends, platforms, etc. as I am very conscious of the benefits of utilising a variety of platforms and techniques. For example, TikTok is currently revolutionising the social media movement through its, broad reaching algorithms, and allows a greater reach to Gen-X and Millennials. Plus, it avoids much of the content restrictions that American platforms like Facebook are aggressively implementing.  which is just one example of emerging relevant tools, in terms of activism. 

3.    Strong written, oral and interpersonal communication skills:
As a Yoga instructor, performing musician, workshop facilitator, and academic, I am comfortable and adverse in social engagement in all forms. 

4.    Intermediate graphic design skills, with proven ability in Adobe suite:
I consider myself an intermediate design artist in Adobe suite apps, as this is an essential skill as a self-employed musician/workshop host. In order to keep up with my creative eye, innovative mind, and hands
on marketing , I am constantly updating and developing my Adobe Suite skills . 

5.    Ability to work as part of a team, under time constraints and strict deadlines, with minimum of supervision:
Absolutely, my experience in trade work, hospitality, performance, and academic study has highly honed my ability in all these aspects. 

6.    Tertiary qualifications in communications/advertising/public relations:
My tertiary education included indepth music business components, plus I took elective papers in marketing, accounting, and education.

7.    A passion for ocean conservation:
I grew up in Nova Scotia, Canada, on the Atlantic Ocean; summers were spent Sailing Laser 2’s by day and, swimming with phosphorescence by night. I will never forget the thrill of my first whale spotting; or as a young child, crying my heart out as I watched a whale documentary, I cried because I was so disappointed that I was not a whale myself.  That young child still lives inside me and still crys out for justice for seas.  I take every step in my own life to reduce my impact, from riding my bike, even in the cold rain, to maintaining a vegan diet, for the sake of our "Planet Ocean" (Paul Watson). 


(4 years)
Working between two different Café/Restaurants, I developed skills: barista, front of house, and kitchen hand. My easy going and outward personality allow me to relate well to customers and staff, and my diligence allows me to stay focused and pull together as a team. 

(6 years)
3 years of full time building and 3 years of farming in my early twenties taught me how to work hard and long hours.  I developed both physical endurance as well as mental stamina. In addition to this I developed great problem-solving skills that can be applied within most trades, and feel comfortable when taking on most projects, be it building, landscaping, plumbing, or machinery/chainsaw operation, etc.  

(5+ years)
Before my studies began, I completed my training as a Yoga Instructor and during my studies I have been teaching regularly.  Additionally, as a long-term musician, I have been actively running events around New Zealand and Australia which require, planning, graphic design, video editing, social media, marketing, advertising, and budgeting.  I have formed a business named Firebrand, under which I manage my contracted yoga teaching and music events and undergo legal operations such as taxes. 

(3 months)
I operated as temporary manager at a yoga retreat center in Australia.  I was responsible for directing 30-50 volunteers per day, who I divided into different teams such as cleaning, cooking, etc. Although the position was intended to be temporary, my work was highly appreciated, and the skills I learned will last a lifetime. 


(5 years; with 10 years in self sustainability practice)

With 11 acers of land, I spent my evening and weekends growing permaculture veggie gardens, tending to animals, cutting firwood, doing up the house, building sheds, etc.  I also consistantly accomadated volinter WWOOFers, whom I managed, and taught skills surounding self sustainability.

Upon request. 


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