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Rave - o - Lution

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7pm, September 17th, for some post lockdown madness,

Hansen Hall, S.I.T, will be shaken their asses.


Rave-O-Lution is here, a rising of masses.

All of the people, lighting their matches,


Casting a light and living with passion,

Doing what's right and rising to action. 


So, awaken the shaker and mover in you,

Awaken your rhythm & awaken your truth. 

saelyn  guyton

Solo, Duo, or in the 7 piece Rhythmonyx.

Golden Guitar winner Saelyn Guyton is on it. 


Soulful vocal styling from Invercargill's own,

With just a guitar, she will burn down this show.


She'll both sing the chorus and rap the verse,

Opening for The Wailers, Aotearoa legends the Herbs.


Plus Katchafire, Hollie Smith, and Six60, 

Ardijah, Cornerstone Roots, and Mihirangi.

Saylene EDIT 2.png


Jesse Trance EDIT 2_edited.png

A Firebrand incites a revolution,
Banding together for a solution.

Through trance, dance, & tribal verse,
Freestyle bars, & hooks, from the universe. 

Firebrand guides deep meditation on the dance floor,

Through vibration, visualisation, liberation & more.


From Dimension, Mix, Relish and International Yoga Festival,

Gigs in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Extraterrestrial.


Sandrita  EDIT 2_edited.png

From underground Madrid techno club speakers,

To acid house & trance sets on the beaches of Ibiza.


Over the years Sandrita has matched BPM’s to heartbeat,

Driving and melodic techno hitting dance floor feet. 


Today in NZ she puts many festivals under hypnosis, 

Like, Mix, Lunasa, Omnishakty, & Dunedin Winter Solstice. 


Busy moving and organizing Soundation ,

She's grateful to play beats around our nation.

D J   Mutana

Victor Quintero aka Mutana Kataro,

Droped into NZ Psy sceen from Mexico.


Leaving his punk band behind with his teens,

He went raving mad, under DJ’s like X-Dream. 


DJ Mutana toured the party scene,

Canada, Panama, Argentina, Chile, 

Then it all went further than planned,
as he now vibes down in New Zealand. 

Mutana Kataro EDIT 2_edited.png

free- Shirts

Rave - O - Lution will be a black light night,

First 11 tickets receive a Free Shirt for UV light. 


If you miss out,  please stay calm and stable,

Buying shirts with tickets will still be available.

shirts EDIT_edited.png
Rave - O - Lution
Rave - O - Lution
17 Sept 2021, 7:00 pm
Hansen Hall
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