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Event Management Plan - Pure Medicine

Pure Medicine

Pure Medicine

Jesse Brand



The following easy outlines the processes required for the promotion of an album release event. The musical group Pure Medicineare headlining an event in order to release their first 5 track E.P. titled Dharma Dance. The gig doubles as both the release party and as a recording opportunity for their first live album. The groups demographic is of a yogic, or otherwise spiritually conscious nature, so the release will be the first step of a New Zealand tour focusing towards yoga studios and alternative/yogic festivals. Pure Medicine blend Electronic Dance Music (EDM) with mantras, rap, soulful singing, and live instrumentation. In addition, they encourage audiences to participate in dancing, clapping, and call and response choruses creating an atmosphere that is unique and uplifting. The following paragraphs address the primary considerations: objective, target audience, marketing, venue, opening acts, schedule, budget and personnel involved. In addition to this information a technical rider, input list, stage plot, budget, and link to an electronic press kit are attached in the appendix. Over all, this essay explains the procedures and financial requirements necessary for the promotion of this event.


Being a commercial rather than a government organized event, the primary objective of the event is to generate an income (Caciur, 2012, p. 4). This is due to the nature of private undertakings, in that finances must be recovered to make the event viable and a profit must be generated in order to secure finances for future events. However, secondary objectives are present, for example musical genre and event theme play a fundamental role in creating an attractive and enjoyable concert that generates the financial return required.

One of the secondary objectives of this event is the record the entire gig via a Behringer 16 x Air digital interface. A live album will be released at a later date as an additional marketing tool, and everyone attending this gig will receive a hard copy of the live album in the mail free of charge. Secondly, this is a non-alcoholic event that focuses on shifting the physical and mental state of the audience via participation in dancing and singing. This has pros and cons, pros being: alcohol licensing issues are avoided, age restrictions are eliminated, and extra staff for bar and security are not required. The primary con is a loss in revenue via alcohol sales, therefore the primary source of income will be door sales which are divided between artists and venue. However, because audiences are not spending extra money on drinks they will be able to justify a higher door charge.

Target Audience

In order to ensure a successful event, “knowing your target audience is one of the most important aspects (Crandall & VeGA, 2006, p. 17) to be considered. The target audience for the event is primarily yoga students as well as people interested in conscious/spiritual lyrics, EDM music, and people enjoying an alternative to alcohol driven events. It is important to note that “many still view yoga as a “women’s practice,” although its benefits for physical health and well-being extend to both sexes” (Gregoire, 2013, para. 3) and because of this stigma there are two points to consider. First, because “women represent 72 percent of US [yoga] practitioners” (Yoga Journal, 2016), marketing should be targeted towards them; using color schemes and images that are likely to entice females without being overly feminine. Remembering that women control 85% of the consumer market, thus if you “Win over women, [then] the men will follow” (Ellison, 2015, para. 2). Second, is that although the style of music is derived from an antient yogic practice of chanting mantras called Kirtan, the event should be pitched in a way that portrays that it is about music, dance and singing and not physical yoga postures.


The practice of Kirtan, a group musical meditation of chanting mantras is a yogic practice, however, it is less commonly available is yoga studios due to the lack of awareness and people to facilitate it. Focusing on this target group and making it more accessible to a western audience, by incorporating a more modern approach to the practice, an opportunity is created to fill a niche. Therefore, a yoga studio is the obvious choice for this album release event as well as for touring. Hot Yoga Invercargillhas a maximum capacity of 50 standing people, if 50 people came the night would be a success so the size is adequate. Although, if only 25 people came the room is small enough that it will feel full and have a good vibe; providing enough room for people to be seated on cushions at the edges and dancing in the middle of the room.


Advertising is the key of reaching identified target audiences so multiple marketing avenues are essential. The first way to reach this audience is online via: an email list developed by Hot Yoga Invercargill with over 800 members, over 2000 likes/followers on Facebook comprised of mostly local residents, and a well-established webpage with a regular traffic of people booking in for classes. Another online option is to connect with groups like The Sothern Collective,who endorsed an event in September called Divine Women which attracted an impressive “157 Went · 556 Interested” (The Southern Collective, 2018)according to their Facebook event. Second will be a poster campaign at the studio and around the city, see appendix E for poster. Thirdly, business cards with a picture, logo and event information on the front; and $5 discount at the door will be printed on the back and distributed by hand at shops, etc.

Opening Acts

The artists forming Pure Medicine: Jesse Brand, Elisabeth Rose, Matt Turnbull each have solo musical careers in their own right. Therefore, it is suiting that the evening is opened by Elisabeth then followed by Jesse. The full band will then unite to form Pure Medicine until the event closes with Matt DJ-ing. In this way, the evening can be filled up to make a three-hour concert without any additional expenses for extra artists. However, in larger cities having one additonal local act may be benifical to the event.

Schedule #1

In regard to scheduling there are two important aspects to be considered. First, the date that the event will be held; with Wednesday, Friday and Saturday as only available nights at the studio, a Facebook pole was launched asking if a weekend or weekday was preferred for the event. Of the 61 votes 77% were in favor of a weekday, however the event is aiming to create a party atmosphere and for this reason Friday was selected rather than Wednesday. In choosing which Friday, we must “consider any competing events that are taking place in your area on any given date as well as holidays that could negatively affect turn out for your event(Bradshaw, 2017, para 3). Aiming to host the event prior to Christmas as the holiday period can be a busy and expensive time, especically for out target audence of 25-45 year old women, Friday 30thNovember would be attractive. However, the Invercargill Christmas parade is the following day and most mothers will be required to attend this morning event. Friday 7thDecember has then been selected as no major competing events are currently being advertiesd for this date.

Schedule #2

Secondly, the structure of the evening will be considered as “An event agenda is perhaps the most important tool that you can use to make your event a big success”(Yaroshenk, 2017, para. 27). Here we will have an early load-in and a late setup, due to a yoga class finishing at 6:30pm. All gear will be taken to the venue at 3:00pm, and at the completion of the class, setup and sound check will take place between 6:30-8:15pm. Doors will open at 8:15pm and studio manager Michal Wolkonski will be on the door at no additional charge. At 8:30pm Jesse Brand will introduce the evening and Elizabeth Rose as the first artist. Performing her solo songs as keyboard and vocals. At 9:00pm Jesse will follow Elizabeth and start his own set of original material on guitar and vocals. At 10:00pm Jesse will invite Matt and Elizabeth to the sage and perform together as Pure Medicine. From 11:30pm-12:00am Matt will play downtempo EDM, slowly winding down the evening and allowing people a chance to chat before they leave. Music finishes at midnight and at 12:30am doors close. Pack down will happen after the event and be completed by 1:00am, Jesse, Matt and Elizbeth will be responsible for setup and pack down.


Tickets will be $15 online and $20 at the door, 50-person capacity means a max of $750-$1000 could be generated, this will be split 20% to venue, 80% to artists. Leaving $600-$800 to be divided between the three members at $200-$266 each. The budget for the event costs will be higher than for following gigs, this is because gear will be purchased instead of hired as the band will be touring with the same setup through the country. Jesse owns the majority of the gear necessary to run the event and a price list of all items has been provided in the appendix A. We will examine the function, strengths and weaknesses of these key elements: PA, visuals and technology.

Two options for the PA are presented, first, a Yamaha StagePas 400icombo kit with 2x 400-watt speakers, a small desk with 4x pre-amps and 4xline inputs and in-built amp. This desk is only required as an amp, running the left and right front of house. At 400 watts this set up is suitable for 40 people, therefore a little on the small side, but due to the nature and demographic of the event volumes will be kept lower than at youth and alcohol driven events. In this scenario the Lanley AH100and Behringer Europortwould be used for foldback speakers. The alternative would be to purchases two JBL EON610 1000W Powered 10" Speakers and one powered HK Audio Linear L SUB 1200W. Selected for their name, quality, wattage and budget, in order to increase head room and be better equiped for larger venues in the future. In this case, the Yamaha StagePas 400i andLanley AH 100 would be used as the foldback speakers, reaching an optimal number of one foldback speaker per band member.

In order to enhance the sensory pleasure of the event, visuals will be utilized as an important tool. It is mentioned that “VJ-ing is no longer eye candy rather it is a profound audio-visual art form distinctive to performance in the digital age (Forde, 2006)and so an Optoma Projector, displaying lyrics and artist imagery will act as an interactive lighting show. In addition, sereval decorative lamps and fairy lights will be used across the stage, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that helps to make the experience a memorable and worthwhile event.

Technology will be incorporated into the set via live production with vocals and instruments being blended with samples, software instruments, and plugins. This production will be conducted by Matt Turnbull via Ableton Liveand using an iPad 12.9 inch as a control surface using the TouchAble app. In order to achieve this cohesive control over the whole sound a Behringer 16x Air, containing 8 pre-amps,will be used as a 16-channel digital interface. This will allow for 6 microphones: 2x vocal, 1x harmonium, 2x djembe and 1x room microphone for recording the event; the guitar will be plugged in as a line input. All of these inputs will run into Ableton as separate channels where Matt can loop, EQ, add effects, plugins, and mix these live sounds with samples and software instruments. Then this mix will be sent to an amp, then to front of house speakers and bussed via 4 potential bus outputs to foldback speakers.

personnel involved

In terms of personnel involved, the specific design of the band and event means no additional personnel are required for the event. Load in/out and setup will be performed by band, Matt is the producer/sound engineer, the venue offers someone on the door, no bar is present, and thus no security required. Greatly reducing the cost and increasing the feasibility of the event.


This essay demonstrates the processes required for organizing and promoting this event. The Pure Medicinealbum release party serves multiple functions: to promote their 5-track E.P., to record their first live L.P. album, and prepare for their upcoming tour. The bands unique style of music has opened some positive doors and alternatives to a standard bar gig. By addressing the key elements that are required for event management, we can see the pros and cons as well as the overall feasibility of organizing a gig of this nature. By developing a clear target audience, the band is able to focus their advertising, stage design, and merchandise more effectively. It is important to remember, however, that regardless to how events look on paper, the actual result may vary. As promoters, it is important to consider both the best-case and worst-case scenario in order to ensure financial obligations are always met.

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