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Balancing Body, Mind, & Spirit

Private Functions

birthday, Holidays, Staff Party???

Firebrand Yoga Private Events: The Ultimate Fusion

  • Party Vibes Meet Wellness: Experience the perfect blend of party energy and health and wellness at your private event.

  • Yoga and Silent Disco: Our unique mix of yoga and silent disco headphones will elevate your gathering to a whole new level of fun and fitness.

  • Unforgettable Celebrations: Turn your event into an unforgettable celebration of health, happiness, and good times.

  • Book Now: Contact us today to book an event that's all about feeling fantastic!

If you want to Party...

Or Something more Chill...

Firebrand Yoga Has you Covered!!

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Ready to bring the Firebrand Yoga party to your event?

Contact Jesse Firebrand at 04 222 04422 and book today!

Let's get the good times rolling. 🎉📞

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