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Jesse Firebrand

An Intimate & Interactive Concert for the Soul

Workshop Elements

  • Dance: Intuitive movement, exploration, tension release, liberation

  • Chant: Chanting, vocalization, inner power, self-expression

  • Breath: Harness breath, channel mind, energy control

  • Shaking: Ancient practice, release stuck energy, emotional freedom, vitality

  • Trance: Deep immersion, heightened awareness, altered states, inner exploration

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  • Immerse in Jesse Firebrand's Intimate & Interactive Concert

  • Captivating fusion of live music, ecstatic dance and healing sound

  • Guidance for inner connection, creativity, and self-expression


About Jesse

An Intuitive Journey

  • Soulful singer & instrumentalist

  • Yoga teacher & intuitive dance
  • Experienced workshop facilitator

  • Deep journey guide

  • Vocal activation coach

  • Improvisational vocalist

Ecstatic / Healing

  • A unique blend of Jesse's Sound Healing & Ecstatic Dance events

  • Experience the energetic release of Dance and meditation of Sound

  • Unleash creativity, explore healing, and self-expression

Intuitive Journey

  • Traditional workshop meets interactive concert

  • Intuitively structured event

  • Free flow content for unique, personalized experiences

  • Shared journey of sound, movement, expression

  • Transformative experience, inspiring and empowering


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