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Fire-Flow Yoga

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 Jesse developed Fire-Flow as a way to help students get deeper into their body and become their own teacher, using intuition to turn each posture into a dance which liberates both the body and mind. 
Exercises, Meditation, and a Party!

Starter Tips

What you may need:

  • 2x 2kg weighs - you may want 1.5 - 3 kg, depending on strenght, but start with lighter weight as we are working with dynamic movemts and want  to insure safty and fun uplifting movment.

  • 2 x Yoga Mats - 2 mats in a cross pattern alow you to face the screen at all times and offer a safe amount of spafe for dynamic movments.

  • Bluetooth Headphones - As an audio engineer i strive to off the upmost sound quality for my videos, this will be best enjoyed with bluetooth headphones or a decent sound system. 

Get Started

This channel is coming soon!
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