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Arunitha's words casts light across the night sky. Inviting all to awaken their voice and join her in a chorus across the universe. Awards and international tours only called her deeper into introspection and intention in her work.  From spoken word to primal vocalisation, her voice stirs something deep in the soul, and breathes it to life.

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Firebrand fights for spiritual revolution through trance, dance, & tribal chant. As a Singer/ Songwriter gone Electro-Shaman, he channels freestyle bars and hooks from the universe. Further, as yoga teacher and hypnotherapist, his guiding voice welcomes you to surrender yourself to the cosmos in meditation or the dance floor. Journey  deep into visualisation, vocalisation, & vibration.


Both Arunditha and Firebrand come to life on stage, engaging audiences with original songs and spoken word for many years. However, the real magic is in how they guide an audience on a collective journey of singing, dancing, meditation.  Nurturing individuals to rise, becomes one, and awaken the true authentic self within us all.

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Ecstatic Dance

Arunditha and Jesse Firebrand will guide you through an evening with intuitive singing, rapping, and poetry from the soul. While the music is a mix of electronic and live traditional instruments; blending the past and the future together into the present.

Dancing and singing are the most ancient forms of self-expression and healing.  Re-learning to love and nurture our body through movement and vibration.

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Sound Healing

Feel guided through a journey of vibration.  With intuitive singing, chanting, and poetry from the soul. Blending with a wide range of energetically potent instruments and a foundation of binaural beats to awaken the soul.


Vocalisation is an ancient form of self-expression and healing.  Re-learning to love and nurture our body through Vibration and heart through singing, liberates us as individuals and as a culture. Come embrace  life and help co-create a world with a bright future.

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Sound Engineer

Jesse also holds a Bachelors of Audio Engineering, and has worked on sound teams for Strawberry Sound, Night Life DJs, festivals like Mix, Autumn Arena, Burning Horse, Luminate, and Relish.  He is willing and able to work with the Sound Team during the festival.

Image by Wesley Tingey


Jesse Firebrand is a passionate musician and yogi. With three contemporary acoustic albums, Jesse has performed around New Zealand, Australia, and his home country Canada; at Festivals around N.Z. and Australia like Mix, O’ Heart, Autumn Arena, Dimension, and the International Yoga Festival; as well as regularly  hosting his workshops at yoga studios.

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