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Jesse Brand is a passionate singer/ songwriter and yogi. With three contemporary acoustic albums, Jesse has performed around New Zealand, Australia, and his home country Canada.  Currently, Jesse is working to blend his love of kirtan, electronic energy, and his song-writing. The result is an upbeat vibe of both mantra and meaning, containing original lyrics and improvised poetic rap.


Jesse Brand has been performing original acoustic music for most of his life, growing up in the suburbs of Nova Scotia, Canada he differed from the norm with an interest in philosophy, meditation, yoga, and spirituality from a young age.  He intertwined these concepts into his music over the coming years as he performed throughout Canada and Australia.  In his early twenties, he arrived in New Zealand where he practiced sustainable living for a number of years, learning to connect with the earth and natural cycles hands on.  

Eventually, realizing a desire to reconnect with the world and share his music, Jesse embarked on several tours through New Zealand and Australia.  With a grass roots mentality, Jesse shared his music on sidewalks, cafes, bars, and festivals.  He would seek solstice at spiritual centers along the way, trained as a yoga instructor, and even filmed a documentary featuring his life as a Traveling Musician.

Today, Jesse lives in Invercargill where he studies audio production and contemporary music, teaches yoga and composes new music material that draws a connection between music and spirituality. His current projects include original acoustic/electronic music, electronic (EDM) Kirtan, Improvised Spiritual Rap, and even yoga classes that are delivered via rapping instructions that coordinate the moments to beat. These performances can be found at conscious/open-minded festivals through New Zealand and Australia. 

 Electronic Dance Kirtan:


Become a Raving Yogi and set your soul free by combining the entrancing rhythms and dance of EDM music with the spiritual intent and connection of Kirtan. Join Jesse Brand for an evolving set of conscious Electronic Dance Kirtan. 

Move your body to the beat and find a new sort of flow in this Vinyasa class.  Poetic instructions are rap
Ped to an uplifting beat by instructor Jesse Brand, creating a class that is not only unique but amplifies the idea of rhythm and flow in your practice on a whole new level.